INDIGOS 4051095003410 Wall Sticker w065 Crab Crab 120 x 79 cm Red
INDIGOS 4051095003410 Wall Sticker w065 Crab Crab 120 x 79 cm Red

INDIGOS 4051095003410 Wall Sticker w065 Crab Crab 120 x 79 cm Red

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Product Description

Wall sticker in the usual quality of INDIGOS UG
With this article you purchase a high-quality design stickers for the distinctive design of your home. Login This Sticker specially made of satin vinyl film is easy to apply and removable without residue if necessary. To be glued on wallpaper (also woodchip), plasters (small to medium grain), wood, glass, furniture and many other flat surfaces
adhesive technology.
Our stickers are made of high-quality self-adhesive film and for easy gluing provided with a transfer sheet. This is withdrawn after bonding or removed. Using this technique remains pure the motive / writing on the adherend substrate are. A detailed bonding accompanies each shipment. All wall decals from a size of 60cm should be glued at least 2 people
In the following ingredients of the ground can cause problems of adhesion of glass decor:.
latex, silicone, Lotus effect and other adhesion-reducing technologies. Please make specially to advertising messages / tags your underground manufacturer (whether color or wallpaper manufacturer) as e.g .: washable, durable, satin, special effect. Also strongly Haftungsmindernt is a high binder content in the living room colors. Ask your dealer
Unfortunately, each monitor displays the colors shown in this range of different, which can vary the delivered color from the color shown here.. Please note that this article due to color deviation may be claimed or returned.


  • A fun wall sticker can be used for decorating your walls, wall, door or wallpaper.
  • The wall sticker according to the labelling can be removed.
  • You can use our sticker in any room, e.g. in kitchen, in the living room, bedroom or bathroom. Good adhesion even on tiled or ceramic.
  • We use high quality sticker film of Orafol. The wall sticker is easy to use.
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